bunch of broccolli from wholseale produce company

Almost every wholesale produce and fruit company will tell you how they keep in touch with their customers.

Indeed, Mid/West Fresh surveys its customers regularly to find out how we can serve them more effectively; however we don’t do it so often that it gets tiresome. You have plenty to do besides answering questions on a survey. We would rather concentrate on providing excellent customer service. More often, it pays to just listen.

We must be doing a good job. Bunches of our customers tell us they would recommend Mid/West Fresh Foods as a supplier. Produce distributors can promise many things but how well do they live up to it? Staying in regular contact helps not only correct problems but anticipates and avoids them. Knowing where things are likely to go off the rails and preventing it comes from experience and commitment.

To be your produce company of choice is to be respectful of your work day schedule.

Timing deliveries appropriately is one way we do this. Running any kind of food service is a real challenge. That everything changes or is about to is a given. Listening to you is our way of staying up-to-date on what we can do to make your life easier.

It is always possible to get anything from a food products supplier at a lower price.

The question is, are you getting top value too? Our prices are always competitive. In addition though, we will tell you whether or not a particular item is worth buying or not based on quality. What to buy and when according to the level of value is something we regularly advise our customers about. Mid/West Fresh Foods provides our customers with information via written reports, our newsletters, and sharing information from industry and government reports.

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