bunch of scallions form wholesale produce company

Free Tours and Produce Handling Seminars from your reliable wholesale produce company.

As a wholesale produce company, we don’t like spoiled product any more than you do.

Having to sort through your produce to winnow out spoiled items means wasted time as well as lost profits. Your staff may not have the background and skills needed to prevent the items in your cooler from becoming unusable. As produce distributors and an experienced fruit company, Mid/West Fresh wants to help you control costs and avoid spoilage waste. Training your personnel helps us accomplish this together.

One of the first steps for a produce company is to learn exactly how to properly handle produce when it comes in. We learned this long ago, but realize not everyone has a thorough understanding of handling produce. This is why we carefully train our employees. We would welcome the opportunity to train yours too.

One of the more important factors to avoiding waste is using proper temperature guidelines.

Temperature and humidity are continually monitored at our storage facilities to ensure you get products in top condition. Let’s educate your staff in what the proper settings should be for each type of food item we deliver. Then you’ll get more out of what you get from us.

There are a number of ways we can make sure you gain the expertise needed to reduce spoilage. Mid/West Fresh offers tours of our wholesale produce facility. You will see our ripening rooms, storage configurations, and environmental controls. Food handling seminars are given at Mid/West Fresh’s offices or at your place of business. We will take a close look at your operation and focus on your specific training needs.

Your bunch will eat it up.

They can always benefit from a better understanding of produce. There is always something new to know about keeping produce in top condition before serving. The fresher it is, better it tastes to your customers.

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