The Mid/West Difference

  • COOK-THURBER CERTIFICATION: We subscribe to the stringent Cook and Thurber standards of food handling and storage. We are subject to annual audits by Cook and Thurber, and have consistently scored in the highest (SUPERIOR) range. These reports are available for inspection.
  • COLD CHAIN: Our totally refrigerated environment ensures optimum storage and shipping for your products, from our shippers to your cooler.
  • TEMPERATURE MONITORS: We have installed cooler temperature monitors in our office so the staff can constantly monitor the temperatures in the coolers and quickly correct any deviations.
  • HACCP PROGRAM: This program is a three-step program of temperature monitoring of incoming product, logging the temps for written verification, and a standard program of steps to take if there is any deviation from optimum temperatures.
  • DELIVERY FLEET: We have upgraded our trucks and optimized our refrigeration capability to deliver a fresher product to our customer.
  • CALL SYSTEM: We call customers, both during the day and at night to ensure that our customers place their orders. We also ship the previous week’s order if we cannot reach the customer for any reason at night. We do this to help busy restaurant mangers avoid missing an order.
  • SPECIALTY PRODUCTS: If a product is in season, we can usually get it overnight. If a specialty product is ordered by 11 a.m., we can go to work to obtain the product for you. Just call us as early the previous day as you can.

We’re a produce wholesale company committed to fast, reliable delivery schedules.

We know deliveries have to be timely and contain what you ordered. Nearly all food distributors you work with will promise this, but our customers tell us Mid/West Fresh Foods delivers on these promises regularly. We know our reputation as a food products supplier rests on the last load we delivered to a customer. For us, there is no such thing as a routine delivery.

Our customers tell us our drivers are consistently on time.

This is important since our customers must meet an unforgiving schedule every day. Mid/West Fresh wants its customers to have to think only about their menu and serving their customers.

At least one of our managers with overall responsibility for daily operations started his Mid/West Fresh career as a delivery driver. The daily face-to-face contact with customers gave him a direct understanding of their challenges. He carries this knowledge with him when planning delivery schedules.

We know that being on time is not enough.

Our product catalogue and newsletters keep our customers informed about trends in wholesale produce. We make sure customers know what is and is not a good buy. We negotiate the most competitive prices possible so you get top value along with the items your customers will enjoy.

Let us show you how running your business can be much less stressful when you deal with us.

We keep timeliness, dependability, communication, and convenience clearly in mind when serving our customers.

Almost every wholesaler will claim that they keep in touch with their customers.

Indeed, Mid/West Fresh surveys its customers regularly to find out how we can serve them more effectively; however, we don’t do it so often that it gets tiresome. We focus on providing excellent customer service and adjust to our clients’ needs. More often, it pays just to listen.

We must be doing a good job. Our customers recommend Mid/West Fresh Foods as a supplier. Knowing where things are likely to go off the rails and preventing it comes from experience and commitment.

To be your produce company of choice is to be respectful of your workday schedule.

Timing deliveries appropriately is one way we do this. Running any kind of food service is challenging. Listening to you is our way of staying up-to-date on what we can do to make your life easier.

It is always possible to get anything from a food products supplier at a lower price.

The question becomes: are you getting top value? Our prices are always competitive. In addition, we will tell you whether or not a particular item is worth buying or not based on quality. What to buy and when according to the level of value is something we regularly advise our customers about. Mid/West Fresh Foods provides our customers with information via written reports, our newsletters, and sharing information from industry and government sources.