Of course you pay attention to food safety inside your kitchen. What about outside of it though? For that, you rely on your food wholesalers. Quality food wholesalers partner with you to maintain food safety and make a point of not cutting corners to save cost. Your customers can tell if you are serving them the best. Taste, freshness, and appearance give them all the cues they need. You have a lot to keep track of on a daily basis including recruiting and keeping good employees, equipment maintenance, and customer satisfaction. Let your food distributor help you with food safety.

Your Produce Distributors

Produce is a complex business requiring skill and experience. One of the more important factors is transportation. Transportation should be thought of as an extension of storage, except it’s on wheels. Reputable food products suppliers build this concept into their entire delivery system. One of the more important elements is temperature. Each type of produce has to be stored at the correct temperature and there should be a record of the length of time this temperature was sustained. Between produce company delivery trucks and your business’s cooler, food products cannot be left in a loading area too long or the proper temperature will not be maintained. The result is unusable food products that have to be discarded, leading to unnecessary waste and expense.

It seems simple common sense, but the interior of the delivery trucks themselves must be cleaned regularly and properly. Any remaining food residue should be eliminated. Cleaning the food delivery compartment also prevents cross-contamination that could lead to food borne illness. Although this step seems obvious, not all produce distributors routinely clean their vehicles.

The rest of the link in the sanitation process involves the produce wholesaler warehouse facility itself. Food wholesalers you can trust have sanitation procedures as an integral part of their daily operations. The factors involved include the construction and design of the warehouse itself to prevent the entry of rodents, insects, and other vermin. They also take into account the layout of storage areas so items that should not come in contact with each other don’t. Not only that, quality food wholesalers have experienced people regularly inspecting the temperature, quality, and condition of products being delivered. Higher product yields in your store means you get the most for your money since you can trust what is delivered. This results in longer lasting useable produce once you receive it.

Produce Company Product Handling Knowledge

Proper handling of food products once you have received them is important. You were trained to do your job. Was it on-site by someone who did it before? If so, there might be gaps in your knowledge of areas like product handling and safety. There is just so much to know. One example could be how to place food items in your storage area as they come off the delivery truck. If your food products supplier is paying attention, they put heavier items on the bottom of the stacks to protect lighter ones. They also configure their loads to prevent cross contamination also by placing items that can contaminate others on the bottom. Logic says, these will be the last ones unloaded. So care must be taken that heavier items NOT be stacked on top or the heavier items. Doing so can lead to damage and therefore, product waste. And as mentioned, once the food is off the truck, proper temperatures have to be maintained in your coolers. Loading and stacking produce correctly means higher yields from the items you receive. The best food distributors will help you train your staff in proper food storage for their products.

Get what you pay for

Seasoned business people know they will get their money’s worth, if they are lucky. They know that paying too little easily ends up costing too much. Look around before contracting with a new food products supplier or fruit company. The best ones will have reducing waste and rigorous food safety built into everything they do. The best produce distributors hold regular inspections by management level personnel. Higher yields from the produce you receive will show up in less scrap (spoiled fruits and vegetables in your waste cans). If your current food products supplier is giving you this information they are among the more desirable food wholesalers, hang onto them.