Pasta From Your Food Products Supplier Offers Variety

Let’s take a look at how many varieties of pasta products there are from your food products supplier. There is of course ravioli and fettuccini in addition to the familiar spaghetti. Another type of pasta not often thought of is gnocchi. Gnocchi is a thick soft dough dumpling usually made of potato. Gnocchi is sometimes semolina, wheat flour, or another ingredient. It may include flavorings of herbs, vegetables, or even sweet potatoes (think special event menus).

An exotic offering for your more adventuresome customers might be black squid linguini or colorful spinach fettuccini. The main thing is, with so many varieties available and the relative ease for your kitchen operations, your promotional options with pasta are nearly unlimited. Creative food distributors will help come up with menu ideas you haven’t thought of before.

The Star of the Menu

Pasta dishes are well worth promoting as attention-getters on your menu. The profitability equation of pasta begins with the fact that one pound of dry pasta yields twice that amount when cooked. It doesn’t have to be a side dish either. It can be the main event of a promotional menu item.

The operational details can be straight-forward as well. Consider adding a few ounces of chicken (another high profit item), some sauce varieties, finished with a distinctive cheese your food products supplier has on hand. Adding the cheese by hand at the table gives your servers a chance to add showmanship to a meal your customers will remember.

The price your customers pay is lower than some other items but your profits are higher since the food cost of pasta is lower.

There are additional factors in the pasta profitability equation. Food wholesalers offer nearly endless shapes, colors, flavors, and varieties. Beyond specialty pastas for adults, what kid wouldn’t love having a special fun shape on their plate? Their parents won’t mind the reasonable meal price either. Flavors of cooked pasta from food wholesalers offer great variety as well. Aside from the regular pasta we know, seasoned varieties such as saffron, Dijon mustard, or pumpkin ravioli (a seasonal favorite) can be added as an interest-generating promotional item. A new or different offering can increase foot traffic making eating out more of an event for your customers.

Pasta in the Spring

Produce distributors are a good place to start with fresh menu ideas. Serving pasta dishes with ingredients like snap peas, carrots, sweet peppers, broccoli, tomatoes (think Pasta Primavera) will add interest to your menu. Or, how about Pasta with Pesto Sauce? Your produce company has items like pine nuts and fresh basil to liven up this popular dish. Both menu items will shake off the late winter doldrums, liven up your menu, provide good promotional opportunities, with increased foot traffic to your store. While talking with your produce company let your imagination generate even more ideas for simple-to-prepare, profitable menu offerings.

Pasta can be Good for You

Shh, don’t tell the kids, but pasta is nutritious. (They will enjoy it more if we forget to mention it.) Pasta contains protein as well as carbohydrates. A cup of spaghetti has less than one gram of total fat and no cholesterol. Important for adults as well, pasta made with grains fortified with folic acid has been credited with measurably reducing the incidence of neural tube defects like spina bifida.

With at least 600 different pasta varieties available, ask your food products supplier what they have on hand. The many choices make it easy for you to make your menu fun for your customers and distinguish yourself from the competition. Imagination is important to a menu’s and restaurant’s success. Pasta’s panache provides a foundation for giving you additional options to succeed.

Ask your food products supplier about developing a new pasta promotion. Contact us today.